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Water restrictions scaled back as dam levels continue to rise

Water restrictions in Sydney will be scaled back within weeks after heavy rain drove-up dam levels.

State cabinet has approved a return to level one restrictions from March 1, following the biggest rain event Sydney has seen in 20 years.

Warragamba Dam has climbed more than 36.6 per cent in the last week and a half, while Nepean Dam jumped 64 per cent and is now 99.8 per cent full.

Level 2 water restrictions will remain in place for another two weeks to reduce the demand on the water supply network and to ensure the water quality hasn’t been impacted by runoff from bushfire zones.

Water Minister Melinda Pavey says discussions are underway about whether the desalination plant will again be switched off.

Under Level 1 water restrictions, residents and businesses are not able to leave hoses running unattended, wash vehicles and buildings with a hose that isn’t fitted with a trigger nozzle, or use standard sprinklers and watering systems at any time.

Fines will still apply for breaches of water restrictions – $220 for residential breaches and $550 for businesses.

For a full list of Level 1 and 2 water restrictions can be found HERE.


Image: Water NSW