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‘We had our backsides handed to us’: Kristina Keneally’s plan to win back voters

Kristina Keneally says the Labor Party needs a leader who can win back voters who overwhelmingly rejected the party in the federal election.

The Labor Senator has thrown her support behind Anthony Albanese, who is currently the only MP in the running to be Labor’s new leader.

She tells Ben Fordham their shock election loss was a wake-up call.

“We had our backsides handed to us on a platter, and as a result, we really need to have a frank look at the policies.

“I think Anthony’s life story, his experience, his mode of communicating… these are things that I think Anthony has proven he can do really well and he’s got my support.”

She says claims that he’s too far to the left of the party to be leader are unfounded.

“Albo has today received a fair amount of support from the right-wing of the Labor Party, and really at the end of the day we’re not that different factionally.”

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