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What to do if your school goes into coronavirus lockdown

As the coronavirus outbreak intensifies, mass gatherings are increasingly being discouraged and even prohibited.

The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix has been cancelled, fans have been banned from attending Australia’s One Day International cricket series against New Zealand and more and more workplaces are instructing employees to stay home.

Several schools have also been shut down after positive COVID-19 tests, leaving staff, students and parents in limbo.

Deborah Knight has three children, and questioned what her family would do if they were forced to stay home for an extended period.

UoW Associate Professor Michelle Eady says the modern world has the ability to transfer education to online platforms.

But she tells Deb it can’t happen overnight and takes preparation.

“We have evolved to online learning platforms where students can log in and teachers can log in and there is video capacity so you can see each other.

“[But] we have to think about the resources that are needed for this to happen and we need to think about the management of what this looks like.

“To get things ready to do online also takes time.”

Professor Eady goes tells Deb there are plenty of activities parents can do with their children to further their education at home.

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Image: Getty/Pablo Blazquez Dominguez