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Young Aussie doctor to sail 15,000km solo for indigenous literacy

Western Sydney doctor Andrew Brazier is sailing out of the heads to point his boat in the direction of the United States.

Raising money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, he will sail 15,000km solo on a three-month journey.

“It’s a long way, it’s part of the adventure really,” he tells Steve Price.

Dr Brazier says the literacy gap in remote communities of the Northern Terrority is what prompted him to do something.

“There’s a shocking statistic that I only found out a few years ago and that’s only one in 10 kids can read.

“Obviously in this day and age reading is so important to get ahead.”

Setting sail in an S&S 34, the same model Jessica Watson and Jesse Martin took around the world, he tells Steve he’ll definitely be taking his medical kit onboard.

“There’s a story of a surgeon back in the day who did a self-appendectomy in Antarctica, so hopefully I don’t have to do that.”

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To follow Dr Brazier’s journey or to donate to the cause, click here.